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Many individuals are seeking community through the Internet. Virtual community brings with it a range of advantages and disadvantages. Unlike other forms fo communication, the Internet allows users to transcend some of the traditional limitations offline communication. Online communities can be composed of members spread across the globe who can meet and ddisadvantages in individual or group situations in real-time despite their distance.

As well, virtual communities are giving people the advantages and disadvantages of chat rooms to meet others who would otherwise be inaccessible. Communities in cyberspace are also meeting the needs of individuals for whom traditional community has not worked or been a viable option. Young of the University of Pittsburgh, breaks down the needs that disadvantagds communities can meet into five : social support, sexual fulfillment, creating a persona, unlocking personality, and recognition and power.

Disadvantages of online learning

Regular CMC with between people for an extended period of time can lead to a social support network. A deep sense of intimacy can quickly be created through CMC because of the immediacy of information and the often straight forward questions asked. CMC fulfils needs in people whose real lives are interpersonally impoverished. People feel free to express their opinions without fear of rejection, confrontation, or judgment. CMC is an anonymous way to explore sexuality in ways that would usually be forbidden or inaccessible.

Fear of diseases like HIV are removed and there are fewer repercussions. Chat rooms allow people to speak back and forth instantly without using phone lines. Being anonymous permits individuals to speak more freely and be more.

The speed and chaotic structure of text-based chat may also make relationships between different messages difficult to follow, especially where more than one. Instant messaging apps ensure the team members are on the same platform despite operating from various geographical territories.

Advantages and disadvantages of chat rooms

Additionally. Computer Issues.

Synchronous vs. asynchronous learning

Issue Home. More and more people are spending time on the Internet, and many are striking up friendships in chatrooms. Some feel this is a wonderful way to develop new relationships; others warn it may be risky. Internet Friendships Can Be Dangerous. People in general, but mostly teenagers, are big on computers. They like to spend hours surfing on the Net or talking in chat rooms.

I think this pervasive attitude is increasing because people are finding in the chat rooms what they can't find in advantages and disadvantages of chat rooms real life. But, people have to be wary of the problems or consequences it can cause. Striking up Internet friendships can sometimes be dangerous. You may find friends there, but what kind of friends could they be if you don't even know them?

Advantages and disadvantages of chat rooms

It can sometimes be dangerous. You may get so involved with some friends in the chat room that it can cause you to do crazy things. There was a case of two teenagers advanhages struck up a friendship in a chat room and drove miles away from their homes to meet each other.

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Fortunately, nothing bad happened, but this could have ended in a tragedy. ‚Ě∂Striking up Internet friendships can sometimes be dangerous. Integration - like commerce - creates synergy. I suggest that you have friends from school or other places rather than virtual friends through a computer. As a general rule, the integrating of online and offline living fooms of the various sectors of one's internet activities is a good idea.

Complex issues can be glossed over and oversimplified because of the need to keep posts short. Even students who don't have questions or feel unsure what to ask can "lurk" and learn from what others say.

Instant messaging

Computer Issues. Do you get defensive or irritable when people criticize this behavior? Also, spending time online, apart from the stresses of daily life can dsiadvantages relaxing. Maybe you can make some new friends through the Internet, computer chat rooms, and e-mail.|For example, this is a sample chat room this advantages and disadvantages of chat rooms feature is part of the Web Crossing system. Chat sessions screens typically consist of 3 sections: a.

Live chat support software: pros and cons

Main window shown top left in example here : this shows a chronological transcript of disadvanntages comments that have been posted in the chat session. List of participants in the session in this example, only the host is in the "room" so only one participant -- hrallis -- is listed. The message composition window shown on bottom : this is the space where users type comments.

Text only web based synchronous forum that enables multiple users to be online and in the same online "room" typing their comments to each other. All users have Internet connection; broadband connection not necessary but does reduce load time.

User contributions:

Chat feature is usually part of a course chaat system e. WebCT and is also built into Web Crossing. Enables multiple users to communicate in writing easily, quickly, and efficiently over the Internet from any location world wideeven with a slow connection. Students who cannot meet f2f to discuss group projects can do advantages and disadvantages of chat rooms advqntages chat.

Advantages and disadvantages of chat rooms

Virtual office hours via chat enable students to access advisor or instructor with quick questions. Even students who don't have questions disaevantages feel unsure what to ask can "lurk" and learn from what others say. Because comments posted in chat are not threaded, if more than a handful of acvantages are in a chat room at a time, the discussion becomes very difficult to follow. Chat tends disavdantages be superficial in nature because for it to function effectively, posts have to be kept very short and typed quickly.]